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Register your independently owned bookstore to connect with book clubs in your area. You can choose to offer incentives to the clubs that link to you and enjoy marketing directly to your affiliated groups.

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A Community Resource Organization

Book clubs are a great way to build community around literature. Read Club Hub creates reader connections that link to their independent bookstore which in turn contributes to communities.

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Third Time's a Charm

02/17/21 by Nicole Sullivan

If you have been following our journey these last several years, you might feel a little lost and that’s understandable. Read Club Hub founder, Nicole Sullivan, came up with the idea of a website that connects readers to book clubs back in 2013, shortly after opening her bookstore, BookBar, in Denve...

Reading Group Choices

05/22/18 by Reading Group Choices

Reading Group Choices, a company based in Madison, Wisconsin, fosters a love of reading and cultivates community around books through our support of book groups across the country. Why do we love book groups so much? Consider that page-turner of a book you may have just read, how the characters came...

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Find a Club

Click here to explore book clubs in your area. Look for open book clubs accepting new members. Search for genres, reading styles and book club goals that match your preferences. If you don’t see a club that suits you, you can start your own below!

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Registering your book club is easy! You can choose to open your club to new members or keep it closed. Make your club public or private. Meet virtually or in real life. Link to your local indie bookstore for book club perks and enjoy all the features Read Club Hub has to offer your group.

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Add your store to the Hub today to receive all the marketing support you need to start connecting with and managing book clubs that link to your store. Enjoy the increased sales to your independent book store and website.

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