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Reading Group Choices, a company based in Madison, Wisconsin, fosters a love of reading and cultivates community around books through our support of book groups across the country. Why do we love book groups so much? Consider that page-turner of a book you may have just read, how the characters came to life, how the plot swept you away…and how you’d love to commiserate with someone else fresh out of its pages, too. Book groups offer a place to connect over something more than the regular catch-up on weather or work or school. You’ll find intellectual stimulation, meaningful conversation, and maybe some delectable snacks and wine. 

You’ll also have the chance to extend beyond your normal reading habits, exploring books you otherwise may never have picked up—for instance, poetry or a biography—and discovering new favorites. We also encourage book groups to branch out into their communities, whether it’s through a little free library they erect in the neighborhood, a book drive for a local school, or reading to kids at the library. In these ways, book groups can transcend being just a fun pastime and become vehicles for lasting good.

At Reading Group Choices, we support book groups with monthly book recommendations on our website and in our eNewsletter that span all tastes, from the lighter fare of beach reads and romances, to literary novels and story collections from both mainstream and independent presses, to nonfiction that extends beyond typical memoirs and histories into creative interpretations of the genre. We also recommend middle grade and young adult titles which we’ve found are a hit with seasoned and budding readers alike. On our website, you’ll find synopses of each book, author bios, questions to inspire discussion and lots of other extras like excerpts, audio interviews, and videos. We keep each and every book we recommend in our searchable database. In addition, we have a treasure trove of book lists and articles on our blog, called Bookmark, exploring everything from how to name your book group to author interviews to tips on how to introduce poetry to your reading group. If you love print as much as we do then you will also appreciate our annual print guide. You can curl up in a chair and mark the books you still want to read and the new books coming out for the year so you can plan ahead!

You can sign up now to receive our monthly Reading Group Choices newsletter that includes book recommendations, new releases, and articles. And, if you provide a mailing address, we’ll send you two annual mailings that include fun reading group materials. We’d love to welcome you into our community of readers!

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