Why become a Read Club Hub Store?

It’s free! When your store becomes a Read Club Hub store, book clubs in your area can link to you. Store information will always be present on your book clubs’ pages and you can market directly to your linked book clubs with store events and book recommendations. Book ‘Buy’ buttons will link to your store’s website. Additionally, you can offer incentives to your clubs such as group discounts and other amenities. Connecting like-minded readers leads to more successful book clubs, which leads to more readers, which leads to more book sales.

You're in control!

Choose which events and book recommendations to display on your clubs’ pages and with what frequency you would like to change them. Promote any incentives you offer to book clubs, such as discounts on books, food & drink, free meeting space... it’s up to you! List any amenities your store offers. Free parking? Free wifi? Seating areas? Reservations? Fill out our form below.

Help grow your community

If you are like most bookstores, you likely already have many book club customers. They may even hold their meetings in your store. With Read Club Hub, your store can communicate more efficiently and manage book clubs more easily, while facilitating matches between readers and clubs. You can now answer that common customer question “do you have any book clubs I can join?”

Become a Read Club Hub

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